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An angel has returned to Paris. But is it the Angel of Music…or Death?

The Loire Valley is a very long way from Paris. Christine, la Comtesse de Chagny, is grateful for that distance. The very last thing she expects, here on this calm, sunlit estate, is for the past to stare up at her from beside her morning tea…and destroy the quiet fragility of her world.

Murders in the Rue Scribe! 

Two years have passed since she fled the opera house. Two years of dogged effort, of her husband Raoul’s tender care, to put the memories and the horror out of her mind. And yet, in her dreams, she still hears his voice, feels his moth-light touch on her throat.

Surely the reporter is merely invoking the legendary Opera Ghost to sell more newspapers. Because the Opera Ghost is dead. His tragic life, his epic opera, his obsession with her voice…ended.

But with a slow, heart-pounding dread, Christine lets a lie slip from her lips, and heads for Paris. Alone. Because she has to know if Erik is dead. Or if he’s alive…and wreaking his vengeance.


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